[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Controlled Mind Leads to Lasting Welfare

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 23:28:43 EDT 2018

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Since time immemorial, the mind's influence over man is well-
known. Man is ever striving to fulfil whatever his mind is after. Too
 many desires trigger man to be on a constant run to achieve his wish. Even if an object of desire is attained eventually, it does not last long. Peace of mind is far away from him forever.

Our ancestors have therefore said that if lasting happiness and peace is to be found, restraint of senses and mind (indriya and mono
 nigraha) is of utmost necessity. For, senses that are not under control
 will drag a man down to undesirable lanes and destroy him.


Therefore, if man uses his intellect to discriminate between actions that would benefit him and those that are undesirable and lead a life
 of peace and happiness, he can then attain lasting welfare. Man must take care to ensure that thoughts driven by excess desires, pride and
 vengeful attitude do not overpower his mind even momentarily.

Controlling and conquering one's mind is akin to conquering the world. Our forefathers have said that if the mind is not tamed and subdued. then even man's own son will not be under his control.

  ekasmin.h vijite chitte vijitaM sakalaM jagat.h .
  ajite tu punastasmin.h na putro.api vinirjitaH ..

Our blessings for all to understand this message well and live
 their lives happily thereafter.

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