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> According to upanishadic mahavaakya 'sarvam kalvidam brahma' this whole
> universe is pervaded by Brahman and it is the material as well as efficient
> cause. In that case the body with all the koshas all the way to individual
> atma is also Brahman. My question is Why does Vedanta start with
> differentiating atma as different from deha and it's attendant Koshas?

Many times in this group we have discusses the best explanation for
questions like this. One word to remember is Vivarta. The illusion of snake
and rope. The body is like a snake instead of Brahman rope. The snake is
not real but the rope is real. But we can also say snake is not different
from rope. It is really rope. Similarly all the things in the world are
Mithyaa but at the same time they are not different from Brahman. Therefore
Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma is correct.

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