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Dear Sir,                 I read one of the research article recently who is the western follower of Pujya Swami Sir Dayananada saraswati (Anniversary:10/2/18) and it says that:
"Brahma satyam, Jagat mithya jıvo brahmaiva naparah".
Brahman is the only truth (satyam), the world, jagat, is unreal (mithya), and there is ultimately no difference between brahman and the individual self (jıva).
Vedanta claims that only brahman, the Absolute, is satyam. Everything else is mithya, depending on brahman for its existence, including the indiviual (jıva), which makes it non separate from brahman. Understanding satyam, asat and mithya results in a correct vision of reality For examples to illustrate mithya, there are a number of words in english which are antonyms of ‘real’: Something can be illusion, fictional, or nonexistent.
Mithya is oen translated with ‘illusion’, but it is more accurate to speak about dependent reality. We usually say that something is an illusion, if it appears to be different from what it actually is. For example, when we walk along a forest trail at dawn, it could happen that we believe we see a snake rolled up in front of us. But as we are getting closer, we realize there is only a coiled rope. The snake was an illusion.
In mathematics, there are universally true statements, theorems, axioms like Pythagoras’ theorem, claims that the angular sum of any two angles in a right angled triangle is 90. True statements in this sense are always true, independent of time, location or the viewpoint of the one who is making the claim. The same accounts to mathematically false statements. What has been recognized as absolutely true cannot be subject to negotiation, because it does not change. What has been recognized as absolutely false will never become true.
Another best example to understand this concept in details is the role of clay in making the pot which is taught by several Vedanta teachers.Learned members please put some examples from purana's & sastra /upanishads.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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 Dear Kameswararao jiIn TaittirIya upanishad, when explaining the phrase "सत्यं ज्ञानमनन्तं ब्रह्म ।" Adi Shankara says:"तद्रूपं नव्यभिचरति, तत्सत्यम्"
Gambirananda translates this as "A thing is said to be satya (true) when it does not change its nature that is ascertained to be its own"
I once heard a story, I am not sure where from, so I paraphrase... about a princess who was taken by a false guru and told that if she wanted to see Vishnu, he must tie her to a tree and take her possessions.She gave him her money and he duly tied her up.Time went by.Vishnu, perceiving what had happened sent Narada to free her, but she refused to be freed saying that she would obey the guru.So Narada brought the false guru along but even then she refused to be freed since Vishnu had not yet appeared.So Vishnu appeared on the scene, and when the girl was free of her bonds, she experienced a moment of indecision:Should she offer obeisance  first to the (false) guru, or to Vishnu? For to her this false one had brought Him to the place.
Was it not her unflinching desire to see Him that brought Him to her?
Kind RegardsRyan 
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Dear Friends,                          Truth is some thing like DNA and it is the characteristic of the Universe. If it is transforms in space and time, then  it resonates, vibrates would like to join the brahman of the Brahmanda i.e ananta jyothi swarupa which has no form, only the LIGHT.
In-oder to achieve our objectives of our respective life, one has to give-up all the things & completely surrender to the lotus feet as it is required to know about our self's and to be immersed in the self by seeing our mirror in others.
It is not so easy to reach the targets of life , for this one has to strive, Give-up every thing then only one can have highest yogic experiences which can lead to the path of liberation. In this approach, one requires the divine help of a 'Guru' by which you will not distract the path and surely you can be liberated by living peacefully.  
Caution: One should always be careful about the 'fake Guru's' and their background motives, subtle mind thoughts. Some times they will take everything from their disciples and in-return they make their disciples 'Bikshak's'. So that they themselves can enjoy with their karmic bondages consciously.  I have seen people calling their disciple with affection and working in their backyards to through their disciple into the wells and declares themselves as 'Guru's'. But one should always remember the fact that there exists the eyes of the nature, sun & moon, they were watching all the things and recording all the proceedings happening on the earth. 
People wants to have son's, grand sons for their forwardness, but their foolish thoughts can never understand the fact that your followers also want the same. What is wrong in that?. Just because some one came to your feet in karmic time, it doesn't mean that, you can take everything from the disciples, it is un-ethical behaviour and for this one has to pay for that as God's watching all your tactics, drama & Motives. To reach the targets of life, one has to have self-realized, divine will, pure alma, then only we can reach the lotus feet.
Once you have entered into the drama, you have to play your role, other wise you watch as an observer.
The same thing convayed by krsihna to arjuna in gita when arjuna says that :na kAnkshe vijayam krishna nacha rAjyam sukhAni cha | kim no rAjyena govinda kim bogair jeevitena vA.Oh Krishna! I do not desire victory nor sovereignty nor pleasures; Oh Govinda! Of what use is sovereignty to me  or these pleasures or life itself ?
Arjuna’s construct of a concrete reason for avoiding war continues. In this we see a dryness. He says he does not desire victory !  Arjuna’s thought source itself, that is , his intellect , which decides what is good and bad, is corrupted. Now he has lost way into the darkness of ignorance as to who he is and what he has to do.Here , Arjuna connects victory to its fruits viz the state and the pleasures. Curiously he says what use in living itself after such a victory  when almost all his relatives would be dead. The fruits of victory is for them too. If they are not there , what use in myself enjoying them alone ?Then Krishna consoles Arjuna that My dear Friend! Do your DUTY always, who you are to kill them i.e your grand parents, their children & mama's. They are going to die as per their karmic time and will be reborned as per their karmaphala. Either you have any control over them not you can save the. Some thing is going to happen in time, only I am pushing the time through you little forward for which nothing should attach to us. This is secret one can transfer to his dearest disciple.Krishna– the likeable dark BLUE coloured SYAMA ; krish + na= of omnipresent existence and bliss, Govinda-  The one attainable by the chanting of Veda.Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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 Dear Friends,                       As I stated in my previous postings that 'TRUTH' is causeless, it is not having any purpose. Since we wanted to know the TRUTH, we tried to know, we snowed, that's it. It is some thing static i.e does not change with time or place.  We can simply say 'Sun Raises in the East & Dawn in the West', Infact it is True, it never change as long as we exists on the earth. Just like this we have borned to our parents which is 'Truth'. 
Todays TIMES has an interesting article in speaking tree  authored by James Anderson which say that Truth can make us transformed so that we can present any where on this earth.
It is not a concept, it is a tangible reality which has his discriminative actions. It exists in every atom of the universe and continuously evolving in new forms which can gives us new level of consciousness.  Once we came to know the Truth we become its reflection. When all is well inside, the body is also well as it reduces the constant turmoiling. 
To know the 'Truth', one has to surrender completely and there is no half-surrender.  Once you do that, start speaking truth only, for this one should have active consciousness alive through out your biological clock. It should also be active during your sleep.  Mother says each one us are unique which gives divine job on this earth.
One should be always be "Servant of Truth", one should install active consciousness in their minds so that they themselves are cheated by them. What I mean to say is that one can cheat any one but one can't cheat the 'self'.
According to Our famous saint, the walking shiva on this earth, Kanchi paramacharya swami chandrasekharendara saraswati: The solo motive of our life should be love in all actions we are going to perform, Let action be out of love,. Passions such as lust, desire, anger, hatred, prejudice, malice must be totally eschewed.
If love becomes the grounding principle of all deed then most of the ills of the world will vanish.
Sri Guru Padaravindarapana Mastu

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