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 Dear Friends,                      The reality of money – MITHYA- Its importance:We can understand the importance of money by enquiryto investigate another ubiquitous entity: Ubiquitous means if some thing is attached to that , it degrades/dissolves it as per biology. What is the reality of money? If youask someone on the street if money is real, you would hardly find anyonedoubting it. Every one will agree that money is essential part of life & itis very much required for social status, name, fame and to live with worldlycomforts.But what actually is money?We assume it is real, but what is its exisistance in  reality? Is it independently real or does itdepend on something for its existence? Is money just the amount of coins inyour wallet? Certainly not, since money also appears as bills, cheques, and asdigital data. Today the majority of the world’s money is stored as binary code(0100011101110011) on hard drives. Is the reality of money the binary code onthe hard drive, which is storing the balance of the bank account?In the western culture the concept of money isunknown. Would it be obvious for them to learn what money is, by simplyinvestigating the data of the hard drive? All they could do is extracting thedata, but they would lack the contextual infor- mation about what to do withit. Therefore, money, which seems very ‘real’ to us practically, has nophysical exisistance on its own. It is only by convention that coins, bills, ordigital data act as a symbolic carrier for money. The reality of 1$ does not originate from a 1$ bill.If the money were ‘in’ the bill, it would be impossible to replace an old billfor a new one. Physical carriers, like coins or bills, act as a medium formoney, but they ‘are’ not money.  Money makes a contact between trade parties – Businesspeople - VYAPARAMThe question persists: What is the reality of money?Isn’t it surprising that there is no straightforward answer for something whichseems to be very real for us? We are using it almost daily! Let’s take the mostsimple definition of money: Money is an  medium for trade. Abstract means that there is no restriction tothe objects of trade. Having money as an intermediary, virtually any object canbe traded given the trade parties agree on the legitimacy of money. If money isnot accepted by one of trade parties, there will be no trade at all which isTRUE. Pushing this example to its limits: If there would be no one acceptingmoney as a legitimate medium of trade, there wouldn’t exist any money at all,no matter how many coins or bills exist on the planet. Therefore, the realityof money is the reality of the convention of the trade parties. Nothing outsideof this agreement could give money its reality.  Ultimately my conclusion is that Money is mithya only  depending onthe convention of the trade parties. Where has its integral value is its Truth. Money helps the people to sleep onpavements but not on the land as Land rights comes as Birthright, No breathy animal/a person takes it away from some one who serves for  Nation's interests. As our greatfreedom fighter Sir Bala Gangadhar tilak said: “Swarajyam MaNa Janma Hakku”.The last stanza of the AdiShankara's annapurnastakam says : Swadesho Bhuvana TrayamSo wherever you go, for any citizen his/her own country is the Universe.Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu Kameswara 




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