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Dear Sir,                 I read one of the research article recently who is the western follower of Pujya Swami Sir Dayananada saraswati (Anniversary:10/2/18) and it says that:
"Brahma satyam, Jagat mithya jıvo brahmaiva naparah".
Brahman is the only truth (satyam), the world, jagat, is unreal (mithya), and there is ultimately no difference between brahman and the individual self (jıva).
Vedanta claims that only brahman, the Absolute, is satyam. Everything else is mithya, depending on brahman for its existence, including the indiviual (jıva), which makes it non separate from brahman. 

>  Yes, it is because of this reason only jeeva's jeevatvaM also talamalanAdi parikalpitaM there is no jeeva as second ChaitanyaM apart from brahman.  So, when jeeva is seen as jeeva not as brahma Chaitanya it is avidyA /ajnAna only.  Likewise when jagat has been seen as 'jagat' only as an independent reality it is avidyA drushti only.  In that sense both jeeva and jagat as an independent reality is like talamalanAdi parikalpitaM when seen from bhUma drushti, samyak drushti both jeeva and jagat brahmaiva nAparaH.  To stimulate this type of vision shruti says sarvaM khalvidaM brahma.  Here sarvaM is nAnA like bangle, ring, bracelet etc.  for the ajnAni but GOLD only for the jnAni.  yadrUpeNa yannishchitaM tadrUpaM na vyabhicharati tat satyaM, yadrupeNa nishchitaM yat tadrUpaM vyabhicharat anrutaM clarifies bhAshyakAra.  So what anruta here with regard to jagat ?? it is its vyakAvyakta rUpa during sthiti and laya kAla.  But does it mean this jagat is bhrAnti like snake on the rope?? Na!!  satyanchAnrutancha satyamabhavat.  For the vyakAvyakta jagat brahman is the abhinna nimittOpadAna kAraNa hence  the svarUpa of vyakAvyakta jagat is brahman only.  The vyaktAvyakta jagat is NOT like a bhrAnti janya snake on the rope OTOH it is mruNmaya pot only.  The ajnAni sees the nAma rUpa independent of brahman it is his mithyA drushti.  The samyak jnAni with his realization of AtmaikatvaM realizes that it is brahman only behind the vyaktAtmaka jagat or nAmarUpAtmaka jagat.  bhAshyakAra clarifies this by explaining the status of nAma rUpa :  sarvaM cha nAmarUpAdi sadAtmanaiva satyaM vikArajAtaM svatastu anrutameva.  The nAmarUpAtmaka jagat becomes anrutaM eva when it is seen idependently but satyaM eva when it is seen in its svarUpa.  In short, both jeeva and jagat mithyA when seen independently satyameva when seen in its kAraNa svarUpa.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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