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praNAms Sri Kameswara prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Yes, indeed , "Advaita tradition is more conservative when it comes to means to moksha",  It helps us in understanding & realizations. but there exists karma (whether it is prarabada/sanchita)  and That could be the reason for the existence of today's physical body, I mean to say one has to strive to reduce karma with individual efforts by different means/ways & bhakti, jnanam may not help in this regard, otherwise what could be the reason for getting the physical body?.

Ø     Well traditional stand is that jnAnAgni will burn all karma if not prArabdha atleast saMchita and AgAmi is out of question is jnana nishTa.  And, I reckon,  in the SLS itself there is a mention that there exists  difference of opinion with regard to jnAni’s prArabdha ☺ and aparOkshAnubhUti mentions there is no prArabdha to jnAni and how the fruits of remaining karma will be distributed to jnAni’s friends and foes after the dawn of ultimate jnana.  Anyway, let that be aside not for any discussion just thought of sharing.

Apart from this, it was happened to me to talk to one TTD asthatna padit who is a trivedi regarding arunasvahakara homa in the last week, he told me like this, he him self performed in his teens & there many not be text available, he used to do with the svaha-kara at the end of the anuvakam. when I said there may be change in the meaning, he said that was the way they performed.

Ø     Thanks for the information prabhuji.  Anyway, just few weeks back I have the photocopy set of aruNa darshana (out of print now) wherein brAhmaNa portion separated from aruNa prashNa svahAkAra with the help of this set I have performed couple of arUna hOma during mAgha bhAnuvAra ☺

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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