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Dear Sir,                  "What could be the reason for getting the physical body?"Please put your view w.r.t Yoga vasistha. Today Durga Prasad Ji has sent a wonderful link to me regarding the Yoga-vasitha full volumes of free down load (both in english/telugu), may be we should discuss these works in details overs a period of time.I have taken a phrase which of interest for discussion: it goes like this:Rama address a question to sage vasishta" “Well then Sir, whocauses the body to come about & what sustains it?”Vasishta: That is called  Praarabdha(Current Sufferage). It is the effect of past actions. It  brings about the body. It sustains it. Whenonce the Current Sufferage is expended away, the body will collapseirrespective of the fact whether you gave up on mentation or not. As long asthe Current Sufferage lasts, nothing happens to the body even if you relinquishmentation. one should remember that mentation can be given up only by a livingindividual. A dead  man cannot do it. Asa matter of fact, mind becomes placid when once you abandon conceptualization.Consequently, the life force too moves peacefully. The life span of such a Yogiwill increase but will not diminish.  Hence Rama,do give up all mentations without any reservation. Let no new innate tendenciessanskaras settle in you. Go ahead and perform fearlessly all  actions that come upon you as the effects ofpast deeds

As we can be little successful in stilling of the mind during wakeful time & in turiya expect in deep sleep and once we are back from sleep we came to the same point of foolish thoughts with the vasana's dominance then 
"what are the methods available in scriptures to abandon conceptualization"?Let no new innate tendenciessanskaras settle in you. How it could be possible?  pls put your views coordially.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara


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