[Advaita-l] About apashudradhikarana.

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> Namaste
> AFAIK there may be non Dvijas listening to Itihasa Purana and getting
> Moksha because they did Sastra Adhyayana in Dvija male body in some other
> Janma. OR they may listen to Itihasa Purana in this birth and get rebirth
> in Dvija male body in future and get chance for Sastra Adhyayana.

Contrary to the above view, I read somewhere in an Advaitic work that such
people who have no adhikara for Veda, will be connected to the
Purana/itihasa and in a later life, owing to that samskara, will get
adhikara to the Veda and then get liberated. I felt that this is not as per
Shankara's words in the BSB but the author's own.


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