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> Namaste
> Samba and Ashwatthama played similar roles in Mahabharata. Ashwatthama
> destroyed Pandavas sons and Samba destroyed his own dynasty. Both have
> Amsha of Shiva in them. What will Shiva do? He is a destroyer. He is
> playing perfect role after Vishnu's role has ended. After the war Krishna's
> role ended. He had nothing to do. His Yaadava Vamsha is practically useless
> and they are simply wasting time. Therefore at that time Shiva as
> Ashwatthama and Samba destroyed everything.  Why should anybody or DP get
> upset with this? He should not blame Krishna. It is all Ishwara's Leela.

Yes, actually everything that happens is Ishwara's Leela.  The acts of
Duryodhana, Dussasana, etc. and Ravana, etc. are all necessary for the
final end to play out as per the pre-determined plot.  Thus, we have
nothing to learn from the events of the epics as they are part of the
divine plan.


> Moreover Krishna cannot mistreat Samba because he is coming from Shiva's
> boon. Krishna showed lot of respect for Durvasa Rishi - another Amsha of
> Shiva. Therefore Krishna cannot neglect Samba like that. He was giving
> equal treatment to all sons and all wives. Rukmini and Satyabhama were
> favourites but other wives never complained He was neglecting them.
> Similarly no son complained He was neglecting him.

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