[Advaita-l] What we could learn from Mythology

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Wed Feb 21 09:42:40 EST 2018

Very True. He has a huge following in the millenial crowd. He is the
non-fiction version of Amish Tripatji et all.

And I detest this term 'mythology' when used in this context. Even Indian
school text-books use this term when talking about Indian text-books.

On 21 Feb 2018 18:08, "Venkata sriram P via Advaita-l" <
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> ...............
> The author quoted is some type of person who tries to import views to
> either belittle our mythological stories or its characters to show them in
> poor light.
> ............
> The author neither knows Sanskrit nor studied any shastra.  Just
> by studying puranas and stories, he twists them as per his own
> whims and fancies.  Surprisingly, he has got a large
> fan-following in FB, twitter & Epic Channel (thru Devlok).
> He quoted all rubbish about sanyAsa dharma stating that
> husbands take sanyasa driven by their own selfish motive of
> liberation leaving behind wives dis-satisfied in life.
> I gave short rejoinder and didn't get any reply.
> rgs,
> sriram
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