[Advaita-l] What we could learn from Mythology

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Here is the relevant reply by Puri Shankaracharya ji on similar topic


Title: क्या इंद्र एक चरित्रहीन देवता है ?

AchArya says, we have to understand or learn in 2 ways

That which is fit to follow (anukaraNa) has to be accepted / learned by
vidhi mata
That which if followed may degrade us has to be learned by nishedha mata

So Bhaskar Prabhu ji, there is no need to find perfection in all the
incidences and valiantly try to prove that Supreme Godhead is always pure
and all is lila like ISKCON devotees try to do :D

Incidences happen for our learning.

and yes, the term 'mythology' pains me too, especially when even itihAsa
like mahAbhArata and vAlmiki rAmAyaNa are considered as 'mythological
stories'. Anything divine is a fairy tale to them.

The problem is that such persons have organized way to *preach*, always
find wealthy sponsors, have good quality art cover for their books, use
good quality paper, font selection and infographics, etc. They have good
marketing team. They are good speakers who appear to be intellectual. This
makes them very popular. They start in a good way, give good insights, but
until they end, their true motive appears, they twist words, read
in-between lines (when not needed) and then try to project their
opinionated understanding as a result of logical analysis (hence it is the
truth). This truth is off course reflect our dharma in derogatory manner.

There are few people like Rajiv Malhotra who give fitting reply and match
them bit-by-bit on every aspect.

Good thing is that such things used to go on and on since many years. Now
there is awareness. At times, denigration of our dharma leads an atheist or
someone who never thinks of God in his life also tries to read and
understand our shAstra-s. Indian Hindus who live in foreign countries, and
are a minority, are often faced with tough questions and are ridiculed.
This makes them try to find answers in order to protect their identity.


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> > ...............
> > The author quoted is some type of person who tries to import views to
> > either belittle our mythological stories or its characters to show them
> in
> > poor light.
> > ............
> >
> > The author neither knows Sanskrit nor studied any shastra.  Just
> > by studying puranas and stories, he twists them as per his own
> > whims and fancies.  Surprisingly, he has got a large
> > fan-following in FB, twitter & Epic Channel (thru Devlok).
> >
> > He quoted all rubbish about sanyAsa dharma stating that
> > husbands take sanyasa driven by their own selfish motive of
> > liberation leaving behind wives dis-satisfied in life.
> >
> > I gave short rejoinder and didn't get any reply.
> >
> > rgs,
> > sriram

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