[Advaita-l] Is Tirupati's Balaji a Buddhist deity (Avalokiteshwara)?

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Sun Feb 25 09:27:32 EST 2018

With all due respect, this article is very poorly written. If you have a
source which is more readable I'd be interested in the findings.



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> I had earlier posted a query regarding the difference between
> Ranganathaswamy and Padmanabhaswamy. Seems like everything falls into place
> now. Tirumala's Balaji is not Vishnu, it is the Buddhist deity
> Avalokiteshwara or Padmapani. Similarly, Ranganathaswamy is a spitting
> image of 'reclining Buddha' whereas the Vedic deity Narayana is
> Padmanabhaswamy.
> Link to article : http://creative.sulekha.com/dr-k-jamanadas-proves-
> tirupati-temple-as-a-buddhist-shrine_295854_blog
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