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The key point to understand is that according to pUrva mImAmsA the entire
Veda is for following dharma, as in performance of karma. Now, the first
key type of statements are the liN forms derived from the dhAtus, or the
optative, as they create a state of mind in the person hearing the Vedas as
to what is to be performed. This characteristic of the liN is called
bhAvana. It is a peculiar “force” that resides in the liN. The word itself
is from the causative form of bhU, which gives a clue. Once this is
understood every other statement which is not  urging an action needs to be
interpreted the right way and that’s where mImAmsA starts. Advaitins do not
necessarily disagree with the fact that the Veda talks about dharma, but
say that Veda can also make statements on things as they actually are, when
the other means of knowledge may produce errorneous knowledge, e.g., the
true nature of the self.


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> Thank you Subbuji. Can anyone please provide an explanation of the term
> bhAvana in pUrvamImAmsa? Sri MDS refers to the term in his talk. It would
> be helpful to understand what the term precisely corresponds to.
> Regards,
> Venkatraghavan

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