[Advaita-l] Pushpadanta Kruta Shiva Mahimna Stotra

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Tue Feb 27 06:43:49 EST 2018


This is a topmost Stotra for pleasing Parameshwara -


Text with translation -


हरिस्ते <http://www.ms.uky.edu/~sohum/sanskrit/mahimna/hariste.wma> साहस्रं
कमल बलिमाधाय पदयोः

यदेकोने तस्मिन्‌ निजमुदहरन्नेत्रकमलम्‌।

गतो भक्त्युद्रेकः परिणतिमसौ चक्रवपुषः

त्रयाणां रक्षायै त्रिपुरहर  जागर्ति जगताम्‌॥ १९॥

VishhNu once brought 1000 lotuses and  was placing them at your feet; after
placing 999 flowers he found that one was missing; he plucked out one of
his own eyes and offered it as a lotus; this supreme exemplification of
devotion on his part was transformed into the wheel (sudarshana chakra) in
his hand, which he uses for protecting the world .



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