[Advaita-l] Pushpadanta Kruta Shiva Mahimna Stotra

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Here is the pdf for the entire book with Madhusudana Saraswati commentary
which is Hari-Hara para:


The commentary for the verse 19 is uploaded as image here:


Here Madhusudana says that the story of Vishnu worshiping Shiva with 1000
lotuses is 'praana prasiddha'.  This story is alluded to in the Harivamsha
too.  Sridhara swamin in his commentary to the Vishnu Purana too alludes to
this story.  However, those who cannot tolerate Vishnu worshiping Shiva
have, as usual, tried to see an interpolation hand in this :-)

Madhusudana also, there, in the Hari-para commentary says 'the thousand
lotuses are the eyes of Indra.'  Thus, the 'lotus-eye' simile is not
exclusive to Vishnu's eye.  We have an asura by name 'KamalaakSha' who is
one of the tripura demons. Lalitasahasra nama has this name:


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> Namaste
> This is a topmost Stotra for pleasing Parameshwara -
> https://youtu.be/dbQRea07FRA
> Text with translation -
> http://www.ms.uky.edu/~sohum/sanskrit/mahimna/mahimna.htm
> हरिस्ते <http://www.ms.uky.edu/~sohum/sanskrit/mahimna/hariste.wma>
> साहस्रं
> कमल बलिमाधाय पदयोः
> यदेकोने तस्मिन्‌ निजमुदहरन्नेत्रकमलम्‌।
> गतो भक्त्युद्रेकः परिणतिमसौ चक्रवपुषः
> त्रयाणां रक्षायै त्रिपुरहर  जागर्ति जगताम्‌॥ १९॥
> VishhNu once brought 1000 lotuses and  was placing them at your feet; after
> placing 999 flowers he found that one was missing; he plucked out one of
> his own eyes and offered it as a lotus; this supreme exemplification of
> devotion on his part was transformed into the wheel (sudarshana chakra) in
> his hand, which he uses for protecting the world .
> --
> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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