[Advaita-l] The Vibhutis of Brahman are non-different from Brahman

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> ahamEvEdagM sarvam || Chandogya 7-25-1
> AtmaivEdagM sarvam || Chandogya 7-25-2AtmatO idagaM sarvam || Chandogya
> 7-26-1AtmanO^nyadArtam || Bruhadaranyaka 3-7-23
> The above quoted mantras from  Upanishads very clearly state that Atman
> alone is paramArtha and all else
> including the vibhutis are Artam.
> This is what a mumukShu has to realize.
> Is it not so?

Why such difficulty and interpreting the term 'sarvaM' in your own way?

The definition of that term is already given in 11th chapter of the Geetha,
"savam samApnOshi tatOsi sarvaha" (Brahman is all because He is in all).

Being in all is itself one among many of His vibhUti. There is no
difference between Him and His vibhUti-s.

Note that Gita by defining so it is indicating and attesting presence of
'many' (vastu-s) besides such Brahman. All objections about
vastu-parrichanntvaM is due to lack of understanding.


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