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praNAms Sri Sreenivasa Murthy prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Ø  How are you prabhuji, it’s been long time since we talk together personally ☺ Still you are staying in Jayanagar prabhuji??

Ø  With regard to your observation, kindly allow me to share my thoughts :

 When the tea is served the visitor simply drinks the tea without indulging in wasteful and useless discussion about the material design etc.etc of the cup.   Please drink the tea and afterwards indulge in all the discussions.

Ø     Yes, that is true but some curious minds do not stop there, while enjoying the taste of the tea they naturally have a look at the material, design and quality  of the tea cup as well and get plenty of doubts about the utility of the tea cup in which the tea is being served ☺ So is the case of mine,  what to do unfortunately I have this curious and inquisitive mind which never ever tired of posing questions on tea cup by looking at the design of tea cup in marvel ☺  This is due to : I am yet to lose myself in the ‘real’ taste of the tea. Hope you understand my problem.

Please have mumukshatva and look into the facts as revealed within yourself by yourself first and then verify whether it is saguna Brahma or nirguna Brahma.

Ø   I am afraid you are forgetting the fact that a sincere mumukshu would also do the jignAsa  in the process of mananaM on the shravaNa.  The result of this jignAsu’s manana on the shabda pramANa would sometimes leads to this type of mischievous doubts on Upanishad mantra though not with any malicious intentions to belittle the authenticity of shabda pramANa.  So, you have to bear with dull wits ajnAni-s  like me and accommodate them to have mananaM in this way.  Not everyone in jnana mArga fortunate enough to have jnana instantaneously be merely hearing tattvamasi or aham brahmAsmi…maNda and madhyama adhikAri-s do need lot of beatings (repeated course of teachings) to  even come near to the intellectual  understanding of  Upanishad pratipAdya brahman.  So, kindly allow them to live their way prabhuji if they are not upto your expectation.

AntarAtman is neither saguna or nirguna, transcends both. Please use anuBava and not intellect. The teaching reveals satyasya satyam which is your true nature and not satyam which is an adventious one.

Ø     Through satyasya satyam only both satya and anruta originated (satyanchAnrutancha satyamabhavat yadidaM kiMcha) , our jignAsa in this present context is all about this.  If you think it is mere waste of time and absolute non-sense, then you are welcome to block the mails from avidyAvanta maNdAdhikAri-s like me.

Ø   Thanks for your understanding prabhuji.
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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