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Dear Sir,                  As such there is no rule  prescribed any where for any initiation to chant LS. Any one who has inclination for self-realization/to reach the godess can listen or chant. Then comming to the point of Initiation: The main intended purpose/objective of chanting the LS is the merger with the godess & her attributes. Once the nada come from your body will make the arousal of the kundalini and makes  uplifted in the path of sadhana. If not initiated in bala/panchadasi or any srividya mantra, one can get the LS (few lines) from the guru mukha. Any pit falls which may arise in the contunity  will be taken care by that guru. To use the Bijakshara, one requires definitely inititation other wise, they remain mere syllables or words.  People does the kumkumarchana with   LS parayana is not advisable, it has to be with bijakshara with individual namas with namaha of all the 1000 names.
The master sitaramdas omkarnath (nama avatar) always insists on the importance of nada or chanting the god/godess names in any way through out the life. Sitaramdas guided all seekers on the path  'By holding onto the Holy Name of Lord, and by performing the duties prescribed by religion of oneself, everybody can attain the Supreme Truth'
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Hare Krishna

Is this rule applicable only for doing the archana with LS or mere pArAyaNa (LS stotra pArAyana as well ??)  Pls. clarify whether this rule is applicable for both stOtra and praNava with namaH as well.  If the initiation is mandatory for both the purposes.  I reckon most of the people would not follow this.  I regret to say I too donot have this initiation but I chant LS stotra, likewise my wife and both sons too without taking any initiation in bAla shadakshari maNtra.  For that matter most of the housewives are without knowing this rule very fluently chant the LS and there will be sAmuhika lalita sahasranaama lakshaarchana as well without even mentioning this rule.  I think this rule must be applicable if we chant this with praNava and namaH and not applicable if we chant LS stotra.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

Don't know how Lalitha Sahasranama Archana is performed without being initiated into shrIvidya.

Bhaskararaya Makhin has strictly prohibited the LS parayana in his commentary 'saubhAgya-bhAskaraM'.

Recently, I met Shri.Goda Sastrigal (before his's leaving for Ambal's abode) and clarified this aspect.  Sastrigal too confirmed the same.

In order to chant LS, one must be atleast initiated in bAla-shaDakSari mantra (if not panchadashi).

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