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Dear Sir,                  Sh. Shangaranarayna says in one of the e-mails to me " No Sentiments in Sprituality" as it hinders the progress in sadhana. 
The feelings/respects/opinions/interpretations is all what some one wants to do as there is no prescribed procedures written any where in any of the scriptures.
Although, Bhagavan Rama has taken the human birth to establish dharma, no body has told him to be like that, to act like that, it is the way he wants to be, he has never given any lectures or told people to be like this, but simply what  he did is the 'implimentation' ( i.e Acharan).
As Sriram says Lalita trisati is completely of the panchadasi, if you combine all the initial letters, definitely it requires the initiation other wise it may result any adverse effects which we never know.
Then comming to" Is this 'I can do whatever I want' because I have bhakti and Mother is there to take care?
One simple point one of the senior members of the list has told  me is that " any thing happens in nature for a particular cause", nothing hapens freely, there is an intended purpose for all actions.
Not for this discussion of this thread, today times has some interesting article, I put here along with my views for Bhakarji's/Sh.Prveen Bhat's interpretation.
Some actions are performed willingly with deep intent and those actions imprints on consciousness strongly with/without your willingness. Our inner consciousness acts as Judge and prepared or waits eagerly for the fruits of those actions although they are negative actions. This may take two or three life times also.
E.g : If some one kills his brother (murderer) by escaping the law in his previous life, he will be subjected to justice of inner conciousness. He might have escaped from the fruits of that action in that life, but his sukshma saria gives imprints of that action & knows, will keep its balance to the next life as a vasana of that karma. The SIN will grow like a seed and will keep looking for another appropriate seeding for frutification &  will happen in reality also. In the mean time, as the times progresses, the Jivatma may enjoy the frutifications of some other good karma. That's why some times the persons seems to enjoying a good life despite being his bad karma.Therefore the results what ever we are getting in this life are results of our own prarabdha only, none responsible for that either god/fate/misfortune. It has to be like that, so it will be like this & there is no question of some one liking it or not. Simply 'Bhugat' na hi.
Today our present situations are the results of our own deeds some time ago we performed with out any personal intention. we might not have liked those action at that time, but done or performed as there is no choice/way exists at that time.Please put your views so that we understand better our selves.

Source; A talk from the  Founder of Gayatri pariwar, sh. Pandit Shrirama Sharma Acharya, Haridwar.Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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