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Interesting Verse. Thanks for sharing this.

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> In Sri Harsha's magnum opus, khaNDana khaNDa khAdya, there is an
> interesting verse that sums up the attitude of the mumukshu.
> बाधेऽदृढेऽन्यसाम्यात् किं दृढे तदपि बाध्यताम् |
> क्व ममत्वं मुमुक्षूणामनिर्वचनवादिनाम् ।।
> If one is certain that the world will be sublated as it is mithyA, one need
> not look for examples to prove it. If one is not certain it will be
> sublated, no examples will suffice, because one will doubt the sublation of
> those examples.
> Similarly, if one is certain that the world is real, the mithyAtva of the
> world is itself sublated, so one does not have to look for examples to
> prove it. If one is not certain of the world's mithyAtva, no example will
> help you.
> What difference does it make for us mumukshus, who are ready to give up the
> world citing its ultimate indescribability? We have no interest in saving
> anything in the world, including our arguments for the world's mithyAtva.
> It makes not one jot of difference to us if our arguments are disproven,
> for we have no sense of attachment to them.
> Regards,
> Venkatraghavan
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