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> //It is one person's avidya that projects the world 'for him.'  Each person
> has his own avidya that is to be transcended.//

> So you are implying that each person has his own avidya.This means each
> jeeva is individually affected by its own avidya.Earlier you were claiming
> that brahman alone is affected by avidya. Is this still your position now?

The position based on Brihadaranyaka 1.4.10 and bhashya remains unchanged.
Brahman alone is affected by avidya and assumes jiva-hood and thereby
finite individual-hood.

> How do you reconcile the two positions?

Thus there are no two positions.

> Also, if my avidya is different from your avidya, how come you and I
> inhabit the same world?

The thinking that there are many individuals inhabiting and experiencing
the 'same' world is also part of the samsara concocted due to avidya.

> Why is it that your avidya and my avidya are creating the same world?Is
> there another cosmic avidya also, which tells your avidya and my avidya how
> to create the world?

When a jiva transcends avidya such questions no longer remain for him. So,
whoever thinks he is an individual among many such persons experiencing
samsara has to overcome his avidya in order to be free from such thinking.

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