[Advaita-l] "VEDA IS NO MORE veda "

KALPANA MANSI kalpana.mansi1083 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 07:10:17 EST 2018

Pranam to all.
                       I am reading a book entitled "Vedanta Sangraha of
Ramaraya Kavi "  the essential of Vedanta, which edited by prof., R.
Balasubramanian Sir & S. Revathy  Mam.  this book is mostly similar to Adi
Sankaracharya Philosophy,  for which/ he is known as Avinavb Sankara.In the
introduction Part, he discussed in the context of nature and work of Sruti,
where he discussed   " one who is ignorant of the truth need pramana, and
not one has already known the truth. to one who has realised Brahman-atman,
which is real (satyam), the Veda is no more Veda, as declared by the
Upanisad. " this sentence, I didn't understand please narrate it briefly.
Thank you
pranam to all.

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