[Advaita-l] "VEDA IS NO MORE veda "

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You know if you eat bad street side food you will become sick. A person X
does not know this. He will eat street food not knowing how bad it is. When
he is eating he will also like the taste very much. Another person Y has
eaten it and has become sick. He has to take medicine. Another person Z has
eaten it and he was sick but he took medicine regularly and became healthy.
Now he is not taking medicine. It is unnecessary.

In this example X is ignorant person. Medicine = Vedas.  He will not need
medicine like Vedas. He happily eats till he becomes sick. Then he will
take medicine.

Z is the healthy person. He knowns he will not eat bad food again. He takes
no medicine. He is happy without medicine.

Y is the sick person.  He has to take medicine. After he becomes healthy he
must stop medicine. It is of no use for healthy person.

Vedas is like medicine for disease known as Bhava Roga. If you don't have
that Roga you should not take medicine. Why should you take unnecessary

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> Pranam to all.
>                        I am reading a book entitled "Vedanta Sangraha of
> Ramaraya Kavi "  the essential of Vedanta, which edited by prof., R.
> Balasubramanian Sir & S. Revathy  Mam.  this book is mostly similar to Adi
> Sankaracharya Philosophy,  for which/ he is known as Avinavb Sankara.In the
> introduction Part, he discussed in the context of nature and work of Sruti,
> where he discussed   " one who is ignorant of the truth need pramana, and
> not one has already known the truth. to one who has realised Brahman-atman,
> which is real (satyam), the Veda is no more Veda, as declared by the
> Upanisad. " this sentence, I didn't understand please narrate it briefly.
> Thank you
> pranam to all.
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