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praNAms Sri Rama prabhuji
Hare Krishna

This book is protected by copyright, so hopefully no one has put it on the web. You can get second hand copies for as low as $7 on Amazon.com in the US.

>  Okay, let me try whether I can get this book anywhere in India in Indian rupee :-) 

In regard to this, a few points:

1. In the book “The jagadguru replies”, page 100, to the question “Does the Acharyal opine that a householder cannot get jnana or attain moksha?”, the answer is “Not at all. They can attain moksha. However, their path is more arduous”, etc. I can type out the whole answer if there is any interest.

>  I have that book prabhuji and read that long back...forgotten the contents, I shall refer it once again.  Yes, bhAshyakAra too does not say anywhere (AFAIK) saNyAsa sveekAra (ashrama saNyAsa) is must to get mOksha.  In that case mOksha becomes particular AshramAdheena avastha.

2. When you read bhAShyas, you need to be careful and apply the mImAmsA principle of Anarthakya. In many places, what is said may correspond to the normal case or the easier path to attain moksha. After all, Shankara was presenting his teaching as an immediate means to attain Brahman and not just some theory. I believe Marcaurelle has applied this sound mImAmsA principle very well in his book.

3. It is also quite easy to fool oneself thinking that they have mentally renounced. So there is that aspect to it. On the other hand, most sannyAsis these days are not pure parivrAjakas either, and very involved in politics and such. So it’s not like they can’t fool themselves either. The hard facts of reality.

>  I completely agree with you prabhuji.  It is very easy to fool oneself by thinking that he/she has the complete mental renunciation and carry on with his samsara and parallel  vedAnta jignAsa  :-)  A sheer excuse and consolation for the one who is knowingly or unknowingly entrapped in samsara.  Though I am not generalizing this, most of the cases will be like this.  And as you have rightly observed most of the today's saNyAsis not exception to this type of bhrAnti.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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