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praNAms Sri Rama prabhuji
Hare Krishna

lepakAryam is after jayAdi - not before.

Ø   Yes prabhuji.  After jayAdi before anAjnAtAdi…but do we have any explanation for the kriya involved in lepa kAryaM ??  Wanted to know more about the significance of this kAryam.

However, lepakAryam is only in the case of offering caru, so some homas like upAkarma will not have it. The roots of lepakAryam are to be found in the shrauta yajnas.

Ø   What is the explanation given there for this kAryaM prabhuji??  why we have to touch agraM madhyaM mUlaM of bunch of darbha to the sruk, sruva Ajya sthAli, Why we have to keep one darbha aside, etaetaetad nirdeshanaM etc. ??  Any explanation for these vidhi-s in the shrauta prayOga??

Who is this agnimukha writer? Is it some modern person who read the Apastamba sUtras and decided he was going to do based on his understanding of that?

Ø     He passed away few years back.  Was a scientist before taking paurOhityaM full time.  Written book on shOdasha saMskAra, prayOga part in Kannada.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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