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> In general, the pramANatva of any pramANa is always only from the
> perspective of the knower. If I tell you the earth is round, that is not a
> pramANa for you because you already know it, but it is a pramANa for
> someone who thinks the world is flat. So the same sentence is a pramANa for
> someone and not pramANa for someone else. anadhigatatvam, revealing a
> hitherto unknown knowledge is one of the tests for pramANatva.
You seems to take  anadhigattvaM  independently than  abAdhittavaM is
saying what you said above.

Per vEdAntapAribASha,

tatra smR^itivyaavR^itaM pramaatvaM

anadhigattvaM  "and" abAdhittavaM is the definition of pramANa.

Otherwise, if I were to utter "world is triangle", as per you it is pramANa
for someone who does not know so!

Also, if the pramANya of a pramANa is so dependent on knower's knowledge
(or lack there of), then you are literately refuting the doctrine of
"pramANya-svathastva", which incidentally accepted by Advaita!


> For the jnAni, who knows everything by knowing that one thing, Brahman,
> there is nothing else to know. For him, the veda ceases to be veda.
> Regards,
> Venkatraghavan

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