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Namaste Srinath ji,

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> In general, the pramANatva of any pramANa is always only from the
> perspective of the knower. If I tell you the earth is round, that is not a
> pramANa for you because you already know it, but it is a pramANa for
> someone who thinks the world is flat. So the same sentence is a pramANa for
> someone and not pramANa for someone else. anadhigatatvam, revealing a
> hitherto unknown knowledge is one of the tests for pramANatva.
You seems to take  anadhigattvaM  independently than  abAdhittavaM is
saying what you said above.

Per vEdAntapAribASha,

tatra smR^itivyaavR^itaM pramaatvaM

anadhigattvaM  "and" abAdhittavaM is the definition of pramANa.

Otherwise, if I were to utter "world is triangle", as per you it is pramANa
for someone who does not know so!

No. You are arguing against something I did not imply. I never said pramANa
should not be abAdhita, so this objection is unwarranted. anadhigatatva and
abAdhitatva are independent concepts. If one was dependent on the other,
mentioning any one would be sufficient as the other would automatically be

Also, if the pramANya of a pramANa is so dependent on knower's knowledge
(or lack there of), then you are literately refuting the doctrine of
"pramANya-svathastva", which incidentally accepted by Advaita!

No. pramANyam is svatah, apramANyam is paratah. anadhigatatvam is
necessarily dependent on the knower's knowledge and is thus an extraneous
factor that can rule out pramANya.


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