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On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 2:32 PM, Venkatraghavan S <agnimile at gmail.com> wrote:

> Namaste Srinath ji,
> No. You are arguing against something I did not imply. I never said
> pramANa should not be abAdhita, so this objection is unwarranted.

Neither I said you are saying pramANa shouldn't be abAdhita.

> anadhigatatva and abAdhitatva are independent concepts. If one was
> dependent on the other, mentioning any one would be sufficient as the other
> would automatically be implied.
I am not saying  anadhigatatva and abAdhitatva are dependent on "each
other". Instead I am saying anyone of them on their own is not sufficient
criteria (for definition of pramANa as laid out in VP). There is a "and"
clause between these two criteria of   anadhigatatvaM and abAdhitatvaM.

So, what I am saying is you cannot just apply  anadhigatatvaM  and ignore
abAdhitatvaM in giving your "earth is round" example.

You might argue (not sue you do so) that  anadhigatatvaM alone is
sufficient enough for the definition of pramANa without invoking
abAdhitatvaM.  In such paxa you will run into ativyApti dOSha. This is
because,  both the statements "this earth is round" and "this earth is
triangle"  should have been considered as pramANa as both of them are
as for as the listener is concerned!

So, my contention is that criteria ( anadhigatatvaM  and ignore abAdhitatvaM
)  should not  be applied in isolation, but should be applied together.

> Also, if the pramANya of a pramANa is so dependent on knower's knowledge
> (or lack there of), then you are literately refuting the doctrine of
> "pramANya-svathastva", which incidentally accepted by Advaita!
> No. pramANyam is svatah, apramANyam is paratah. anadhigatatvam is
> necessarily dependent on the knower's knowledge and is thus an extraneous
> factor that can rule out pramANya.
In that case, the statement "earth is round" becomes purushatantra and not
vastutantra. It is pramaNa only for someone who does not know earth is
round. For others who knows it so, the vAkya is apramaNa.

So, what is your paxa on the earth's shape? Is it vastutantra jnyAna or
purushtantra jnyAna?

The difficulty does not end there. For people who already know earth is
round, since the statement "earth is round" is apamANa, then it would
negate what they knew so far (that earth is round). This very negation
makes them being equally  anadhigatatva about earth and hence that vAkya
becomes pramANa all of sudden. This make them adhigatatva/knowledgable
about earth and suddenly make that vAkya apramANa. This pramANya and
aprAmaNya switches to and fro instantaneously indefinitely!

Hence other vedantins does not consider this criteria of  anadhigatatvaM in
their definition of pramANya for a good reason.


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