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On another note I was wondering how the dvaitins deal with the advaitic
example that the GYAna vRtti which takes place within vyavahAra which is
mithyA, can still lead to prabodha or removal of avidyA, by giving the
example of a dream tiger causing a man to wake up i.e., leading to a change
in the order of reality. That person who wakes up might say that even the
tiger which woke him up is actually just an a-tiger, i.e., not really a
tiger. (a la 'vedah becomes avedah')

In the nyAyAmrita this is done by saying that it is not the dream object
that causes the person to wake up (ie produce a real result), but the jnAna
of the dream object, which is as real as the outcome (person waking up).


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