[Advaita-l] Is Ayyappa a Vedic god?

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>  I am not sure what exactly you are pointing at. Obviously some
> terminology, concepts overlap among the so-called Indic religions. The fact
> remains that there is no mention of 'Dharma Sastha' in the scriptures. I am
> not considering Bhagavatam because it is a recent sectarian work.

The name need not be in the scripture. Krishna has said in the BG 10th
chapter: My glories (vibhutis) are infinite.  What has been listed by me
here is only a fraction of that.  He has mentioned Rama to be one of the
glories. It is called upalakshana, representative. It is not exhaustive. So
any number of Brahman's archa avataras can be admitted for the worship and
upliftment of jiva-s.  Shishtas have accepted Dharma Shasta. The Sringeri
Acharyas have visited the Temple and have even composed hymns on the god.
There are many many who are Veda Adhyayis and those who perform trikaala
sandhya vandanam that visit the temple.



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