[Advaita-l] Is Ayyappa a Vedic god?

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It is noteworthy that the earliest 'purest' form of Buddhism did not have
worship of mUrtis and shrines. The Theravada ( a.k.a soutrAntika,) school
is the earliest and preserves Buddha's words nearly verbatim. And hundreds
of years later the mahAyAna Buddhists arise and they plausibly under the
influence of the cultural and religious milieu of agamic and vedic  India
started worship and rituals etc. Mantra japam is strongly discouraged in
the early Buddhism. You get a flavor of this in modern vipassana Buddhist
methods which strongly  prohibit mantra japam, worship and rituals.  There
us no concept of an altar or shrine with images . The meditator just faces
a blank wall in his pagoda cell. That's Theravada for you. To say that
images of Vishnu etc., are from Buddhism is not credible .

 Its like saying that advaita Vedanta is derived from Buddhism because a
few gauDapAda kArikas have resemblance to some mAdhyamika buddhust kArikAs.
Its the other way round.  Advaita Vedanta predates Buddhism. Similarly
worship of  Vishnu is a much earlier tradition. We have mahAbhArata
references aplenty about temple worship in pre-buddhistic India. Now if
temple worship predates the Buddha and early Buddhism did not have mUrtis,
mantras and altars, why not see the elephant in the room and acknowledge
the diffusion of agamic ideas into Buddhism rather than contrive it the
other way round.

We have the authoritative shankara digvijaya giving a more believable
account of how Adi Shankara *retrieved* the preexisting image of Badri
Narayana and *re-installed* it in Badrinath. Its a shrine reverting to its
earlier ancient firm. Its what happens all over the world be it the great
mosque of Cordoba say,


Or the Ram Lala temple in Ayodhya.


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> Namaste,
> This is a very interesting link :
> http://vinu-mythoughts.blogspot.in/2010/09/ayyappa-is-buddha.html
> It is evident that Buddhism had a strong presence in Southern India
> similar to SE Asia(Sri Vijaya) and Sri Lanka. The sleeping/reclining buddha
> became Ranga sleeping casually on a serpent, Padmapani became Sarangapani
> and elsewhere became Dandayudhapani (Palani). Of course, all these are only
> musings.
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