[Advaita-l] Buddha confirmed to preexisting social norms of the Vedic society of his time

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> //Here is a study that cites the Buddhist texts to show that the caste
> system
> was happily accepted therein://
> I wonder if you have read the article and the sources from which it quotes.

I read the article and found it to be quite well written. In fact there are
many such articles, for example:
http://www.vijayvaani.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?aid=2717    on Srilankan
Buddhist caste.  Here is another one:

One may or may not agree with various writers. But the common point one
comes across is that there was a good presence of the caste factor in early
Buddhism as Buddha's words themselves are cited. Again, one may debate on
the authenticity, etc. of texts. That is a topic common to many systems.

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