[Advaita-l] Buddha confirmed to preexisting social norms of the Vedic society of his time

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 Namaste Sri Kalyan
The oldest hagiographies of Buddha were indeed written 400-500 yrs after
Buddha but they were based on earlier sources and Lalitavistara mentioning
the caste based birth of the Buddha  is regarded as quite authentic along
with the other mahAyAna text viz., Buddhacharita . There are no biographies
older than these.

We have a similar situation with Adi Shankara whose oldest  biography was
written only 400-500 years after his life but is still regarded as

The article mentioned by Subbu ji is abundant in references to Buddha's
neutral to positive stance with respect to the caste based social order.
And urging people to dutifully follow their occupations and individual
ethical and moral rules to purify themselves . Pretty much the same as what
Santana dharma and varnashrama dharma emphasise . We can read up and form
our own understanding .



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> //Here is a study that cites the Buddhist texts to show that the caste
> system
> was happily accepted therein://

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