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For me it is a simple practice I am following. When doing Gayatri Japa
mentally and not saying aloud you should concentrate on WHO is mentally
doing the Japa? Observe the mental Japa and not become caught in analysis
of Mantra. Be only the observer. Not the Analyser. Because when you do
Analysis it gives birth to more Analysis and more Analysis and so on
endless cycle of ANALYSIS only and NOT TRUTH.

Analysis and arguments are good to defeat Purvapakshis in debates but not
in practice.

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> Dear friends,
>    Please permit me to share a useful pointer , which helped me in my
> journey,   with you.      " If you see yourself as THAT which stands
> prior to thought, YOU are outside of time,       the universe, duality,
> birth and death--       you name it."With respectful namaakars,Sreenivasa
> Murthy
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