[Advaita-l] Sleep, tamas and brahman

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Fri May 4 05:39:25 EDT 2018

The so-called lack of perception in deep sleep is not real. Shankara answers this. The Self actually continues to see in deep sleep because the vision of witness can never be lost. But there is no second thing to be seen etc.

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In continuation to your last sentence, there is no second thing to be seen because of ekatvaM in sushupti.  Okay, at least why he does not know himself that he is brahman in sushupti??  Shankara answers in chAndOgya by giving the example that here in sushupti the mergence is not like water wetting the cloth and becomes wet cloth (here water and cloth are separate), the mergence is like flower juice (puShpa rasa ) in honey.  Now the question is how the same jeeva arise from sushupti with his avidyA, saMskAra, guNa, individual identity etc.  when he is brahman itself in sushupti??  This question has also been answered by bhAshyakAra. But we can look at it after wards since here main bone of contention is avidyA in sushupti :-) 

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