[Advaita-l] Sleep, tamas and brahman

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Reg << Because of the reason that therein one has indeed become merged with sadrUpa brahma it is quite reasonable to say that he does not cognize anything. >>,
 What actually do you mean by the term “sadrUpa brahma “? Is it same as Nirgna Brahman ? I different what is the difference? Please clarify.

praNAms Sri Chandramouli prabhuji
Hare Krishna
What is the sad rUpa brahma that bhAshyakAra intended to say here??  If it is anAtma type of avyAkrutaM then it would not be sadrUpa brahma…It is (sadrUpa) svAbhAvika without any vishesha that jeeva attains in sushupti explains bhAshyakAra in taittereeya.  The jeeva is always brahman by nature.  Once own nature cannot go out or come in.  The individual appears as different from brahman is jAgrat and svapna due to upAdhi saMbandha.  In sushupti there is no upAdhi and therefore he is said to be one with brahman.  As I said earlier there is no time that jeeva is separate from brahman but in the vyavahAra due to adhyAsmata avidyA the jeeva mistaken himself as if he is a parichinna (limited) tiny jeeva.  Hence it is wrong to say that the individual jeeva merges in brahman at one time (sushupti) and different from brahman (in waking and dream) at another time. He was / is / always brahman.  And that brahma sthAna is more vivid in the state where jeeva’s upAdhi is upashAnta and free from the troubles of adhyAsa.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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