[Advaita-l] Classes on 'Shiva Gita Bhashyam' - Bangalore

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Classes on 'Shiva Gita Bhashyam' - Bangalore

The Shiva Gita is a part of the Padma Purana.  The content of this Gita is
of no less philosophical and saadhana value compared to the Bhagavad Gita.
The worth of the Shiva Gita can be gauged by the fact of a Pontiff of the
Sringeri Peetham HH Sri Abhinava Nrsimha Bharati Mahasvamin who adorned the
Sringeri Peetham from 1599 to 1622  penning a commentary to it.

The Shiva Gita contains all that is needed to know about the Vedanta and
mukti saadhana. The commentary brings out the hidden purport of the Gita
with a huge number of quotations from the Shruti and smriti. Comparisons
with the Narasimha Tapini Upanishad is also found.

The sublime worth of the Shiva Gita is further enhanced by the fact that an
eminent scholar of Vishishtadvaia, Mahamahopadhyaya Vidwan Sri
M.E.Rangachar is teaching the work with the bhashya in Bangalore. Anyone
interested in joining the class can contact me for further details. The
Acharya, in a conversation with me, was all praise for the work and the
bhashya. Only an accomplished scholar can appreciate the scholarly worth of
another author.

The Sringeri MaTha has published, for the second time, in 2012,  (the first
publication, from the Manuscript existing in the Sringeri MaTha archives
was in 1962). One can download the new edition of the text here:


The perusal of the contents itself makes it clear that it is a work of
extremely authentic moksha shaastra. Only those who have transcended the
disease of sectarian tendencies can make the best out of Veda Vyasa's

Om Tat Sat

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