[Advaita-l] A seminal Truth explained by Bhagavan Ramana

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>  Just reading the old mails. 

You said :

'If there is no knowledge that is called sleep' applies to swaruupa jnaanam too. How does a jnaani sleep? - if one asks. A simple answer can be - the question is invalid since jnaani being infinite cannot sleep - even though his body-mind-intellect (BMI) is sleeping. Of course this is true for ajnaani also but since he identifies himself with BMI, thinks he sleeps when BMI sleeps. The fact is both vaachyaartha and lakshyaarth jnaanam are not there in the deep sleep state and there is only akhandaakaara ajnaana vRitti in the mind as there is no knowledge of subject-object duality and also no swaruupa jjaanam since the mind is folded. 

In essence one can say - a jnaani sleeps as jnaani that is the mind that has the knowledge of ahama brahmasmi sleeps with that knowledge (even though he is ever awake), while ajnaani sleeps as ajnaani.

In essence, both jnaani and ajnaani sleep with ignorance of all subject-object duality.

>  your last sentence say both jnAni and ajnAni sleep with ignorance but last but one sentence saying jnAni sleeps with jnana and ajnAni enters sushupti as ajnAni only.  It appears you intend to say in sleep there is an "absence" of vishaya-vishayi duality for both jnAni and ajnAni instead of 'ignorance' of duality for the jnAni in sushupti.  If jnAni's jnana absent in the sushupti and if he is sleep with ignorance then jnAni's jnana is kevala avasthA vishesha jnana and he is no more Atmaikatva jnAni in sushupti.  I don’t think that is what you intended to say here.  Perhaps bruhadAraNyaka mantra  4.3.20 and bhAshya on it would throw more light with regard to jnAni's nidrA and svapna.  Shankara observes here the difference between jnAni's svapna darshana with that of ajnAni's.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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