[Advaita-l] Hari-Hara abheda and Trimurti aikyam in the ‘Narayaniyam’

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Wed May 23 23:18:54 EDT 2018

Hari-Hara abheda and Trimurti aikyam in the ‘Narayaniyam’

The famous work ‘Srimannarayaniyam’ of Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri is
well known for its depiction of Krishna Bhakti. Even though the author is
looked upon as an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna of the Guruvayur temple,
yet, he reveals that this Krishna is Nirguna Brahman in the 95th  dashakam
of the work.  We know this from the aikyam as mukti that he is talking
about/praying for.   Being a work of a Vedantin, it is quite natural that
it contains, by default, the ideas of Hari-Hara abheda and Trimurti aikyam.
In other words, if any such work does not contain this concept, it is clear
that it is not a work of a Vedantin.

The article bringing out the above aspects in the light of two commentaries
is available here for download.


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