[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Mahimaa

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Tue May 29 13:27:42 EDT 2018

Jagadguru Mahimaa:


(A report in Kannada rtranslated below)

Sri D.S.Subbaramaiya: Swamin, when I sit for japa various thoughts come
like waves and obstruct the one-pointedness. I do not know how to handle

HH Jagadguru Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Swamin : When you are going to
your college on your bicycle, vehicles continuously come from all the
directions. You notice all this and yet continue to pedal the cycle. You do
not stop pedaling just because vehicles keep coming from all directions.
You overcome all these obstacles and keep going and eventually reach your
college. Similarly, even in the face of obstacles to the japa sadhana, keep
continuing your sadhana without losing your fortitude. You will gain glory.

Sri DSS: Often I become anxious  that my teaching profession at the College
might come in the way of my spiritual sadhana.

HH reassured: Is it not your teaching the students a service to Saraswati?
That (teaching) too amounts to an upasana on Sharada. Let there be no
anxiety in this regard.

Sri DSS prostrated to the Guru.

Sri DSS is fortunate to have received received direct and indirect
instructions  on several occasions  from Jagadguru Sri Chandrashekhara
Bharati Swamin.

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