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Looking for source:  ईश्वरानुग्रहादेषां ......

In the Sayana bhashya for the Mahanarayanopanishad, in the context of the
'अणोरणीयान् महतो महीयानात्मा गुहायां......'  he cites the verse by saying:
तथा च पूर्वाचार्यैरुक्तम् -  *ईश्वरानुग्रहादेषां पुंसामद्वैतवासना |
महाभयकृतत्राणा द्वित्राणां यदि जायते ||*

*This verse is available in the Avadhuta Gita with a variation:*

* ईश्वरानुग्रहादेव पुंसामद्वैतवासना । महद्भयपरित्राणाद्विप्राणामुपजायते ||*

*It is also stated to be of Chanakya's work.  Someone else too has noticed
the verse in the Sayana Bhashya:*

Swami Apurvananda:  Acharya Shankar  (Hindi):

सायणभाष्य में दिखायी पड़ता है कि "*ईश्वरानुग्रहादेव पुंसामद्वैतवासना*।”
पुनः आचार्य शंकर ने भी शारीरकभाष्य में लिखा है “तदनुग्रहहेतुकेनैव च
विज्जानेन मोक्षसिद्धः” - जीवबह्म के एकत्वज्जानबल से ही मोक्षसिद्ध होती है।

I would like to know if the verse cited by Sayana, in its stated form, is
seen in any other ancient works, especially of Advaita since Sayana
specifies 'purvacharyaih'.  I could not get any result for the specified
version  upon a google search.


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