[Advaita-l] Question about Sri Vidyaranya's JMV & jnani matra

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Tue Apr 2 03:05:31 EDT 2019

Dear Bhaskar Ji,                           The discussions are going so nicely as people are putting deeper thoughts in knowing the self.
Quote  "When a new sharIra is takenup due to prArabdha, it is along with samskAras/vAsanAs. This has been stated elsewhere in the vArtika. I am unable to give exact reference offhand ".                          I need reference for this and which vArtika it was stated?? pls provide

There is no difference here.

I reckon there is subtle ( but the significant one) difference in saying 
(a) prArabdha carries vAsana & saMskAra in jnAni's BMI will last till the death of physical body and  
(b) due to prArabda and avidyA lesha there would be a chances of getting 'fresh' vAsana / saMskAra in the form of rAga-dvesha during the post realization period.  

I will say both a &b are same, may different paths reaching the same destination

if they differ, what is the subtle difference, pls explain.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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