[Advaita-l] Question about Sri Vidyaranya's JMV & jnani matra

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Tue Apr 2 07:02:07 EDT 2019

(b) due to prArabda and avidyA lesha there would be a chances of getting 'fresh' vAsana / saMskAra in the form of rAga-dvesha during the post realization period.

Are you saying that you misread the traditional position until now to be what is titled (b)  ?

praNAms Sri rAghava prabhuji
Hare Krishna

If I misread the position, I said.  Anyway, if the (b) is what traditional position, then there is no scope for advaita's ultimate position i.e. ajAtavAda and karma siddhAnta would find its firm ground by literally accepting  jnAni's prArabdha karma and finally and more importantly jnAni even after jnana would, like normal people, get rAga dvesha due to his "OWN" avidyAlesha ( I am not talking about how he controls it through viveka or how these vrutti-s subside in him within few seconds etc.) and accepting avidyAlesha in one particular jnAni amounts to saying jnAni is individual jeeva with his individual set of upAdhi-s even after samyak jnana.  We know how these conclusions ultimately lead to duality.  

(a) by accepting jnAni's prArabdha karma, there is jagat, there is indriya, there is pravrutti in jagat by jnAni, there is karma pertaining to individual there is a phala from one particular karma i.e. prArabdha and  so ...jeeva-jagat bedha or jeeva jada bedha

(b) by accepting jnAni as an individual jeeva with parichinna Chaitanya after samyak jnana would still see the ajnAni jeeva and does the upadesha to him (mind it, it is not kevala vyavahAra or imagination it is the real work of jnAni), and even after mukti, there is some elevated souls like apAntara tama who obey the paramAtma  and ordinary mukta-s, who would never get punarjanma,  so jnAni jeeva-ajnAni jeeva bedha or jeeva-jeeva bedha.   

(c) gradations in mukta jeeva-s as well.  Since even paramAtma jnAni would obey the instruction of parameshwara and take re-birth by dragging their remaining prArabdha, there is always a scope for concluding there is jeeva - Ishwara bedha...

I just wonder what for we are still quarrelling with dvaitins 😊 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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