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> I am sorry, I don’t think so. ' Jagat never stated as braman'  is really a
> sweeping statement which denies the very existence of jagat in its
> svarUpa.  When Shruti categorically declaring brahmaivedaM amrutaM
> purastAt, idaM sarvaM yadayamAtmA, sarvaM khalvidaM brahma, yenAshrutaM
> shrutaM bhavatyamataM mataM avijnAtaM vijnAtaM, brahman is left, right,
> top, bottom etc. etc., I am afraid conclusions like this especially when
> jagat is accessible to both jnAni and ajnAni in samAna rUpa through
> pratyakshAdi prAmaNa, would bring the Shruti hAni.  IMHO, jagat in its
> svarUpa never ever been negated as  it is pariNAmi nitya and trishu kAleshu
> one with brahman.

Madhusudhana Sarswati will not agree with you.

In AS, his recourse to objection from Dvaitin is to accept  "svarUpENaiva
niShEdha" of this prapancha.

He takes this route to avoid the anyOnyAshrya raised in Nym.  wide ;

nApi dwitIyaH : - abhAdhyatvarUpa pAramArthikatvasya bhAdhyatvarupa
mithyAtvaniruNyatvEna, anyOnyAShrayat | pAramArthikatva-syApi
svarUpeNa niSEdhE, prathamapaxOkthadOshapthi: athaH: tasyApi
pAramArthikatvAkAreNa niShEdhaE anavastA iti chEt –

myvam – svarUpENaiva trikAlikaniShEdhasya, prapanchE sukthi rUpyAdau cha
angikArAth |

But, this acceptance of negation by svarUpa of this world,  will render the
world to null and reduced to utter non-existence (asat). Then, since
advaita holds identity between kArya jagat with kAaaNa Brahman, such
svarUpa niShedha makes the kAraNa Brahman also equally asat at the end.
That's the problem with mAyavAda my friend.


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