[Advaita-l] Is the non-difference between cause and effect?

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> Namaste Chandramouli ji
> You had suggested (rightly) to not conflate adhiShThAna-adhiShTheya
> sambandha (rope snake) with kAraNa-kArya (clay pot) sambandha.
> Are there examples where there are two entities which enjoy the
> adhiShThAna-adhiShTheya sambandha without any kAraNa-kArya sambandha
> between them ? (Be it either pariNami or vivarta upAdAna kAraNam)

When we say 'bhuutale ghaTah vartate' (on the ground the pot exists), the
ground is the adhishthana and the pot is the adhishtheya and that sambandha
is there. There is no karya karana sambandha between the two. It is also
called aadhaara - aadheya sambandha.

> Also is it incorrect to refer to the clay, the upAdana kAraNam as
> 'adhiShThAnam' of the pot?

No. It is not incorrect, in a sense. For, in the Chandogya bhashyam, the
clay-pot example is delineated as both parinami and adhyasa types, in the
same breath.  In 6.2.3 bhashya: Brahman becoming many is stated by Shankara
as 'clay becoming pot-etc. forms and rope, etc. becoming snake, etc.
Anandagiri says in the gloss: the two examples are based on the parinama
vada and vivarta vada. Since, before itself it has been stated with
reference to mrittiketyeva satyam, it follows that the upadana karanam is
the adhishthanam and the pot, etc. are adhyasta-s. vikara-s are all mere
names, says that shruti.

warm regards

> Any errors in my question formulation or terminology may be pointed out...
> :)
> Thank you in advance
> Om
> Raghav

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