[Advaita-l] Is the non-difference between cause and effect?

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> > Also is it incorrect to refer to the clay, the upAdana kAraNam as
> > 'adhiShThAnam' of the pot?
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> No. It is not incorrect, in a sense. For, in the Chandogya bhashyam, the
> clay-pot example is delineated as both parinami and adhyasa types, in the
> same breath.  In 6.2.3 bhashya: Brahman becoming many is stated by Shankara
> as 'clay becoming pot-etc. forms and rope, etc. becoming snake, etc.
> Anandagiri says in the gloss: the two examples are based on the parinama
> vada and vivarta vada. Since, before itself it has been stated with
> reference to mrittiketyeva satyam, it follows that the upadana karanam is
> the adhishthanam and the pot, etc. are adhyasta-s. vikara-s are all mere
> names, says that shruti.
As far as other school, both the paxa -- universe being a modification of
Brahman's form  and Brahman being adhishthanam of illusion -- are quite
shruti virOdha and rejected wholesale

Both pariNAma and viavarta vaada are rejected in the Mandukya Upanishad:

vibhUtiM prasavaM tvanye manyante sR^ishhTichintakAH |
svapnamAyA sarUpeti sR^ishhTiranyairvikalpitA |
ichchhAmAtraM prabhoH sR^ishhTiriti sR^ishhTau vinishchitAH ||

Some people, in consideration of sR^ishhTi, think it as being a
modification (prasavaM) of Brahman's own form (vibhUti). Others imagine it
as being akin (sarUpa) to the illusion of a
dream (svapnamAyA). However, it is established (vinishchitAH) that Creation
is solely by the Lord's own Will (ichchhAmAtraM prabhoH).


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