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Namaste Raghav ji,

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No intrusion at all, I welcome your participation.

- there is this dvaita idea that  "negation of
> > objects seen in  vyavahArika  and negation of vyavahArika itself is only
> > (possible) from a (higher) state of pAramArthika." I noticed Srinath ji
> > always arrives at this kind of idea in every Advaita discussion, viz.,
> > 'conclusion about mithyAtvam of the usual experience of duality, i.e.,
> > vyAvahArika cannot be logically made from within the vyAvahArika domain'.

This question has been considered and addressed in the advaita siddhi
There are many real world examples which disprove it. In the siddhi, an
example of a dream elephant being negated by a dream negation is given.
Both the elephant and its negation are prAtibhAsika, but the mithyAtva of
the elephant is known by such a negation in the dream itself. Similarly the
illusion of the snake seen in a rope being sublated by the illusion of the
crack in the ground seen in the same rope. Thus, the illusoriness of the
negation does not preclude its ability to sublate its object.

>  Advaita stands
> in its own glory being self-evident once a person is taught the mahAvAkya,
> > especially if study of Advaita happens before getting indoctrinated in to
> > any theological systems.

I am reminded of a verse from Sri Harsha
एकं ब्रह्मास्त्रमादाय नान्यं गणयतः क्वचित् ।
आस्ते न धीरवीरस्य भङ्गः सङ्गरकेलिषु ।।
What can all these arguments do to us, who have the irrefutable Brahman on
our side?


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