[Advaita-l] Two Advaitic verses with a profound combined purport

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Namaste Raghavji,

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> > Apologies if I am intruding - there is this dvaita idea that  "negation
> of
> > objects seen in  vyavahArika  and negation of vyavahArika itself is only
> > (possible) from a (higher) state of pAramArthika." I noticed Srinath ji
> > always arrives at this kind of idea in every Advaita discussion, viz.,
> > 'conclusion about mithyAtvam of the usual experience of duality, i.e.,
> > vyAvahArika cannot be logically made from within the vyAvahArika domain'.

Further, these objectors fail to see that all negation or whatever logic is
being used is all vyavahAra and none of it is possible from pAramArthika as
there is nothing else existent there, let alone  karaNa for negation, etc.

PS: thanks for your earlier responses too.


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