[Advaita-l] Two Advaitic verses with a profound combined purport

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> Namaste Subbu ji
> When it is said -
>   Therefore, there is no reason as to why they (arguments) may not
> be levelled as desired, even against the path delineated by the siddhAnta,
> are there any specific example or examples you have encountered , where
> this is found?
> There are of course different prakriyAs which follow different approaches.
> But the above idea referred to by you is a much stronger statement by
> khaNDana-khaNDakhAdya-kAra.  Or was it said more in a rhetorical vein?

Dear Raghav ji,

I would say that it was said in a rhetorical vein. For, Sriharsha says:
even if you are going to object/refute, etc. our arguments, you cannot do
anything to Brahman, the secondless one. That will remain unaffected by any
of your arguments. That is our sole Truth.


> Om
> Raghav

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