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> Namaste Subbu ji
> Is the brahmasamhitA referenced by Ved. Br. Sri D.Subbaramayya in the image
> pages, from the eponymous text which is *the* canonical text for the Hare
> Krishna-s (gauDIya vaiShNava)? It is said that Sri Chaitanya went virtually
> incognito on a three year tour of Southern India during which he came
> across the Brahma samhitA (possibly at some city on the banks of the
> Godavari in Andhra desha.) He found his preferred doctrine of
> acintya-bhedAbheda laid out in that text and adopted it's tenets.
> If it is indeed the same brahmasamhitA, it's incredible that such starkly
> advaitic verses are indeed there in that text which is dear to ISKCONites
> and others..

Dear Raghav ji,

I am not aware of the Gaudiya-Brahmasamhita connecton, bond.  Yet, despite
such statements, the Gaudapada Karika 'advaitam paramartho hi dvaitam tad
bheda uchyate'  'maayaamaatram idam dvaitam...' kind of verses can be
interpreted as 'dvaita is uncertain knowledge and advaita is certain
knowledge'.   'Aham Brahma..' can become 'aheyam....'   Not sure if
Gaudiyas too resort to such bizarre interpretations :-)



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